Review Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1528—1564

Function of Deptor and its roles in hematological malignancies


Figure 6. Expression of Deptor in Multiple Myeloma. Oncomine Deptor expression was revised in different reports; (A) Zhan et al, analysis of Deptor Expression. MM shows a higher expression compared to bone marrow cells (*p<0.001). (B) In Carrasco et al, Analysis of Deptor, relationship with disease recurrence and Deptor expression was observed with high Deptor expression compared to non-recurrence (*p<0.05). (C) in Carrasco et al Analysis, we found a moderate high expression of Deptor in Alive patients compared to Dead patients (*p<0.05). (D) in Mullygan et al, analysis shown a responder patient has a moderated high expression of Deptor compared to Non-responders (*p<0.05). (E) In the same data analysis overall survival was shown, and dead patients have an important high expression of Deptor (*p<0.001). (F) Overall survival of patients with MM according to Deptor expression. Number of patients (n) is listed next to the graph (*p<0.05).