Review Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1528—1564

Function of Deptor and its roles in hematological malignancies


Figure 7. Deptor expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Bioinformatic analysis with Oncomine of Deptor expression on AML was revised. (AC) three different studies by Hafferlach et al, Andersson et al, and Valk et al, were revised and respectively shows an important higher expression of Deptor in patients with AML compared to controls (PBMC and bone marrow) (*p<0.001). (DG) Metzeler et al, and Raponi et al, analysis shown overall survival status on relationship with Deptor expression (D, G), dead patients have an important high expression of Deptor (*p<0.001). and Progression free survival (E), shows a moderate relationship with high expression of Deptor in dead patients (*p>0.05). (F) Overall survival of patients with AML according to Deptor expression. Number of patients (n) is listed next to the graph (n/s p>0.05).