Review Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1528—1564

Function of Deptor and its roles in hematological malignancies


Figure 8. Deptor expression in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Oncomine analysis of Deptor expression in ALL was revised. (A) in Coustan Smith et al, expression analysis shows a higher expression in T-ALL vs normal cells and B-ALL (*p=0.05). (B) analysis of minimal residual disease in relationship with Deptor expression, we observed moderate high Deptor expression in patients with positive MRD (*p>0.05). (C) Another study presents by Bhojwani et al, a significant higher Deptor expression was observed in T-ALL compared to B-ALL (*p<0.001), (D) In the same study the Deptor expression was related to recurrence of the disease compared with primary recurrence. Moderate high Deptor expression was related with recurrence (*p<0.05). (E) On the other study presented by Andersson et al, Deptor expression is low in B-ALL compared with Bone Marrow (*p= N/S). (F) On Haferlach et al. study, very low Deptor expression in B-ALL and in B-ALL childhood were observed compared with PBMC (*p= N/S).