Review Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 1528—1564

Function of Deptor and its roles in hematological malignancies


Figure 9. Deptor expression in Lymphoma. Based on the Oncomine Analysis we revised Deptor expression in different subtypes of DLBCL lymphoma. (A) in Compagno et al. analysis, we observe a differential expression of Deptor in different subtypes of DLBCL. DLBCL, GCB-DLBCL and ABC-DLBCL, shows higher Deptor expression compared with memory B-cell (*p<0.001). (B) In Shaknovich et al, Analysis, overall survival according Deptor expression was revised, alive patients show slight high Deptor expression compared with dead patients (*p=N/S). (C) in the same analysis two subtypes of DLBCL were revised; ABC-DLBCL vs GC-DLBCL shows a higher Deptor expression in GC-DLBCL (*p<0.05). (D) in the same study recurrence was analyzed and Deptor expression was no significantly high in the patients with recurrence vs patients with no recurrence (*p=N/S).