Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 4 pp 5621—5637

Expression and prognostic values of ARID family members in breast cancer


Figure 3. Prognostic values of ARID members in luminal A type breast cancer patients. (AG) Survival curves of ARID1A(Affymetrix IDs: 210649_s_at), ARID2((Affymetrix IDs:225486_at), ARID4A(Affymetrix IDs: 230141_at), ARID5A(Affymetrix IDs: 213138_at), ARID5B(Affymetrix IDs: 212614_at), JARID1A(Affymetrix IDs: 215698_at) and JARID1B(Affymetrix IDs: 201548_s_at).