COVID-19 Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 1571—1590

Fighting the storm: could novel anti-TNFα and anti-IL-6 C. sativa cultivars tame cytokine storm in COVID-19?


Figure 1. Effects of novel C. sativa extracts on the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. To induce inflammation, human 3D EpiDermFT tissues were exposed to UV. Upon exposure, tissues were incubated with extracts or vehicle (DMSO) for 24 h. Three tissues were used for each condition. The differences between all experimental groups were examined using the likelihood ratio test (LRT) test implemented in DESeq2. The reduced model included the intercept and the full model was the experimental group (Cannabis extracts and controls). Multiple comparisons adjustment of p-values was done using Benjamini-Hochberg procedure [63]. Specific comparisons between groups were done using results() function with contrast argument specified. Genes with adjusted p-values below 0.05 were considered significant. Data are shown as log 2 fold changes as compared to UV-induced tissues. All changes shown here are statistically significant, p adj <0.05, ANOVA-like analysis and pair-wise comparison.