Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 1773—1816

Commonalities in biomarkers and phenotypes between mild cognitive impairment and cerebral palsy: a pilot exploratory study


Figure 1. “Inverted” disease trajectories and shared and distinct biomarkers/phenotypes between adults with CP and MCI. A total of six examined measures were comparable between the two cohorts. Taken together these shared biomarker and phenotypes, we proposed a model of “inverted” disease trajectories between CP and MCI, with the shared biomarkers and phenotypes between them represent the “cross-road” where the pathology and phenotypes overlapped in their respective disease trajectories. Furthermore, because the mean age of the adults with CP (25 years old) was much younger than that of older adults with MCI (71 years old), we thus proposed an “accelerated aging” hypothesis, which postulates that young adults with CP have a rate of aging that is accelerated, predisposing them to have similar biological underpinning and phenotypes as older adults with MCI. Abbreviations: FHS=Framingham Heart Study; BDNF=Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor; BP=Blood pressure; BMI=body-mass index; hs-CRP=high-sensitivity c-reactive protein.