Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 5 pp 7259—7283

Pan-cancer investigation reveals mechanistic insights of planar cell polarity gene Fuz in carcinogenesis


Figure 4. The gene set enrichment and PPI analyses of dysregulated genes from LUAD tumor samples with low Fuz expression. (A) The LUAD primary tumor tissues were divided into high Fuz expression and low Fuz expression groups based on the patient survival probabilities. (B) The number of upregulated and downregulated genes were calculated from LUAD primary tumor tissues with low Fuz expression. (C, D) The GO enrichment analysis demonstrated downregulated (C) and upregulated (D) genes-associated gene ontology terms in low Fuz expression group. (E) The Reactome pathway enrichment analysis demonstrated the upregulated Reactome pathways in low Fuz expression group. (F) Protein-protein interaction analysis showed the interaction between upregulated genes (in diamond shape) and downregulated genes (in circular shape) from low Fuz expression group. The increasing degree of nodes was indicated by continuous color (light green-dark green). The size of nodes represents fold changes of gene expression. The densely connected network was isolated using MCODE function from Cytoscape. Genes from MCODE component were annotated for GO terms with DAVID v6.8.