Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 9330—9347

Effects of multi-domain lifestyle interventions on sarcopenia measures and blood biomarkers: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial of community-dwelling pre-frail and frail older adults


Figure 1. Changes in sarcopenia and its components after multi-domain lifestyle intervention. (A) Sarcopenia and component functional status among trial subjects (n = 242) at baseline, 3 month and 6 month. Reversal was defined as the presence at baseline and absence during follow-up. ASMI = Appendicular skeletal muscle index. (B) Changes in sarcopenia score and its components from baseline to 3-month and 6-month for each interventional arm. Sarcopenia score was calculated as the number of positive components for a participant. The components of sarcopenia included lower limb strength, ASMI, and gait speed. Participants were stratified by intervention groups consisting of nutritional enrichment (n = 47), cognitive training (n = 49), physical exercise (n = 48), combined intervention (n = 49), and standard care (n = 49) groups. ASMI = appendicular skeletal muscle index.