Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 10 pp 13807—13821

Acetyl oxygen benzoate engeletin ester promotes KLF4 degradation leading to the attenuation of pulmonary fibrosis via inhibiting TGFβ1–smad/p38MAPK–lnc865/lnc556–miR-29b-2-5p–STAT3 signal pathway


Figure 3. Anti-pulmonary fibrosis of AOBEE in vivo. (A) HE staining showed that AOBEE improved the alveolar structure of mice, such as more spacious alveolar space and thinner alveolar walls compared with those in the BLM group. (B) Masson staining showed that AOBEE treatment reduced the deposition of collagen fibers. (C) The Buxco PFT analysis system showed that AOBEE enhanced the pulmonary function of mice compared with those in the BLM group. (D) Western blot indicated that AOBEE inhibited α-SMA, vimentin, and collagen expression levels. Each bar represents the mean ± SD, n = 6, *p < 0.05.