Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 15964—15989

Antrodia salmonea induces apoptosis and enhances cytoprotective autophagy in colon cancer cells


Figure 6. Induction of autophagy in SW620 cells by AS treatment. (A) AS increases the ratio of Beclin-1/Bcl-2. Dose-dependent AS (100, 150, and 200 μg/mL) effects of AS on changes in Beclin-1 and Bcl-2 proteins were determined by Western blotting. (B) Relative changes in the ratio of Beclin1/Bcl-2 in accord with the dose were measured by commercially available quantitative software with the control representing 1-fold. Enhancement of AS-induced cell death by 3-MA and CQ inhibitors in SW620 cells. Cells were first treated with autophagy inhibitors (C) 3-MA (1.5 mM) and (D) CQ (10 μM) for 1 h and then incubated in presence or absence of AS (0-200 μg/mL) for 24 h. Cell viability was analyzed by the MTT assay. Results are expressed as the mean ± SD of three independent assays. *p < 0.05 is significant when compared with untreated control cells and #p < 0.05; ##p < 0.01; ###p < 0.001 is significant when compared with AS-treated cells.