Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17155—17176

Hypoxia induces chemoresistance of esophageal cancer cells to cisplatin through regulating the lncRNA-EMS/miR-758-3p/WTAP axis


Figure 6. Targeted manipulation on expression levels of the EMS/miR-758-3p/WTAP axis sensitized EC cells to DDP in an ECA-109 xenograft model. (AF) Nude mice were inoculated with ECA-109 cells, and were subjected to the treatments with DDP alone, the HIF-1α inhibitor PX-478 alone, or the combination of DDP and PX-478. The in vivo therapeutic effects, as well as the impact of these treatments on the expression levels of the molecules in the EMS-miR-758-3p-WTAP axis were evaluated. Tumor growth curves (A), tumor weights at the end point (B), cell proliferation as revealed by Ki-67 IHC staining (C), and apoptosis as revealed by western blot analyses of cleaved caspase-3 expression (D) of tumor tissues, as well as the RNA/transcript levels of EMS, miR-758-3p, and WTAP (E), and the protein level of WTAP (F) in tumors are shown. Vehicle 1, 0.9% NaCl; Vehicle 2, PBS.