Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 16043—16061

HMGA1 promotes gastric cancer growth and metastasis by transactivating SUZ12 and CCDC43 expression


Figure 3. HMGA1 -SUZ12 axis promote development and progression. (A) Western blot analysis of SUZ12 expression in AGS and BGC-823 cell lines. (B, C) The AGS and BGC-823 cells, cultured for 48 hours following transfection with vector, HMGA1, HMGA1 + Src siRNA, HMGA1 + SUZ12-siRNA 1 or HMGA1 + SUZ12-siRNA 2, were subjected to the EdU incorporation assay. ***, P < 0.01. (D, E) The colony-forming cell assay was performed of GC cells. ***, P < 0.01. (F) The monolayers of AGS and BGC-823 cells were scratched wounded in a one-direction pattern. **, P < 0.05 and ***, P < 0.01. (G) Transwell assays were employed to determine the invasion ability of control and transfected GC cells. ***, P < 0.01. Scale bars, 100 μm in (B).