Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 16105—16123

Melatonin protects against focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in diabetic mice by ameliorating mitochondrial impairments: involvement of the Akt-SIRT3-SOD2 signaling pathway


Figure 5. Effects of melatonin on cell viability and apoptosis in high glucose-treated HT22 cells after SIR operation. (AC) Cell viability was measured by the CCK8 kit. (D) Representative images for apoptosis assessed by flow cytometry. (E) Quantitative analysis of the levels of apoptosis. Data were presented as the mean ± SEM (n = 6). ap < 0.05 vs. control group; bp < 0.05 vs. SIR+V group; cp < 0.05 vs. SIR+Mel group; ep < 0.05 vs. Mel (25 μM).