Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 11 pp 14829—14842

Effect of samul-tang on female fertility via RAS signaling pathway in ovaries of aged mice


Figure 4. Hierarchical clustering and analysis of differentially expressed messenger RNAs (mRNAs). (A) QuantSeq 3’ mRNA analysis was performed to compare the gene expression in ovulated ovaries of YC (n = 6), OC (n = 6), and OC+SM (n = 6) mice. (B) Hierarchical clustering among the mRNA expression profiles showing 2,389 differentially expressed mRNAs in the three groups, with a fold-change >1.5 and P< 0.05. (C) Venn diagram presenting the numbers of differentially expressed mRNAs between OC vs. YC and OC+SM vs. OC pairs. YC: 8-week-old control mice; OC: 40-week-old mice; OC+SM: 40-week-old mice orally administered Samul-tang. Up, upregulated genes between compared sets; Contra, contraregulated genes between compared sets; Down, downregulated genes between compared sets.