Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17285—17301

Knockdown of lncRNA ZNRD1-AS1 suppresses gastric cancer cell proliferation and metastasis by targeting the miR-9-5p/HSP90AA1 axis


Figure 2. ZNRD1-AS1 knockdown suppresses malignant characteristics and promotes apoptosis in MGC803 and BGC823 cells. siRNA targeting ZNRD1-AS1 (siZNRD1-AS1) or negative control siRNA (siNC) was transfected into MGC803 and BGC823 cells. ZNRD1-AS1 levels were measured using qRT-PCR (A). Cell proliferation (B) and apoptosis (C) were analyzed by CCK8 assay and flow cytometry, respectively. Cell invasion (D) and migration (E) were analyzed by Transwell assays. Left panels show representative micrographs. Right panels show statistical results. *p <0.05 for siZNRD1-AS1 vs. siNC.