Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 16786—16803

Transcription factor PAX4 facilitates gastric cancer progression through interacting with miR-27b-3p/Grb2 axis


Figure 1. Elevated PAX4 mRNA and protein expression in both GC tissues and cell lines. (A, B) Higher PAX4 mRNA and protein expression in GC tissues compared to normal tissues (n = 60) by qRT-PCR (P < 0.0001) and WB (P = 0.0002). (C) The IHC results between GC and non-GC tissues demonstrated excessive PAX4 in GC tissues. (D) Overexpression of PAX4 mRNA levels were identified across six GC cell lines (HGC-27, MGC803, BGC-823, SGC-7901, AGS, MKN45) compared to the human gastric mucosal epithelial cell line GES-1. (E) The overall survival analysis results demonstrated that PAX4 high expression in GC is associated with poor prognosis.