Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 16786—16803

Transcription factor PAX4 facilitates gastric cancer progression through interacting with miR-27b-3p/Grb2 axis


Figure 6. Grb2 knockdown can attenuate PAX4 ov-induced effect on GC cell progression. (A) Lower Grb2 levels were determined via qRT-PCR and western blot after adding si-Grb2 to the PAX4 ov group (P = 0.0025). (BC) Grb2 knockdown weakened GC cell proliferation induced by PAX4 ov, through CCK-8 and BrdU assays (P = 0.0009). (D) Grb2 knockdown decreased PAX4-ov-induced numbers of colony formation, via the colony formation assay (P = 0.0013). (E) GC cell apoptosis was elevated upon addition of si-Grb2 to the PAX4 ov group (P = 0.0004). (FG) Reduced cell migration (P = 0.0059) and invasion (P = 0.0121) was identified after adding si-Grb2 to PAX4 ov group by transwell assays. (H) Grb2 knockdown declined migration induced by PAX4 ov by wound healing assay (P = 0.0060).