Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 16816—16833

Celastrol protects against early brain injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats through alleviating blood-brain barrier disruption and blocking necroptosis


Figure 3. Celastrol attenuated brain swelling, reduced T2 lesion volume and ventricular volume after SAH. (A) Representative T2-weighted MRI images (3.0T) of the brains of sham, SAH + vehicle, and SAH + Cel group. (B) Brain swelling was calculated as: ((volume of ipsilateral hemisphere - volume of contralateral hemisphere)/volume of contralateral hemisphere) × 100%. (C) T2 lesion volume was presented as the volume ratio to the ipsilateral hemisphere. (D) Ventricular volume was calculated as Σ(An + An + 1) × d / 2, and was presented as the volume ratio to the average volume of the sham group. Data were presented as mean±SEM. n = 6. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.