Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 12 pp 15942—15963

Cognition and action: a latent variable approach to study contributions of executive functions to motor control in older adults


Figure 2. Pearson correlations between executive and motor tasks. Pearson correlation coefficients are shown for older (A) and young (B) adults for descriptive purposes (critical r-value for p < .05, uncorrected: .205 (older adults), .389 (young adults); critical r-value for p < .000909, Bonferroni-corrected (.05/55): .341 (older adults), .612 (young adults)). AT, NST, SST represent inhibition; CAST, COST, NLT represent shifting; DST, KTT, STT represent updating. “straight” and “zigzag” indicate the respective BTT-conditions. All tasks were transformed so that higher scores indicate better performance.