Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17499—17515

Downregulation of LINC00665 suppresses the progression of lung adenocarcinoma via regulating miR-181c-5p/ZIC2 axis


Figure 7. Knockdown of miR-181c-5p inhibited LUAD cell growth via targeting ZIC2. (A, B) The knockdown efficiencies of sh-ZIC2 at mRNA and protein levels were detected by RT-PCR and western blotting technologies. Then, SK-LU-1 and Caki-1 cells with sh-NC + inhibitor-NC, sh-NC + inhibitor-miR-181c-5p, sh-ZIC2 + inhibitor-miR-181c-5p or sh-ZIC2 + inhibitor-NC stable transfection were harvested and submitted to the following experiments. (C, D) Cell viability was assessed by CCK-8 assay. (E, F) Cell clone formation was detected by clone formation assay. (*p<0.05, vs. sh-NC + inhibitor-NC group; #p<0.05, vs. sh-NC + inhibitor-miR-181c-5p group).