Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17536—17547

IGF IIRα-triggered pathological manifestations in the heart aggravate renal inflammation in STZ-induced type-I diabetes rats


Figure 1. Effects of cardiac specific IGFIIRα overexpressing DM rats on kidney weight. (A) Fasting blood glucose levels in Non-transgenic rats (n=6, NTG), transgenic (n=6, TG), NTG-streptozotocin induced diabetes model (n=6, NTGSTZ) and TG streptozotocin induced diabetes model (n=6, TGSTZ). (B) Cardiac specific IGF-IIRα overexpression causes hypertrophy of heart correlated with enlarged kidneys. (C) Changes in body weight and (D) Changes in kidney weight among NTG, TG, NTGSTZ, TGSTZ. *** p<0.001 indicates significance when compared to NTG group.