Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17536—17547

IGF IIRα-triggered pathological manifestations in the heart aggravate renal inflammation in STZ-induced type-I diabetes rats


Figure 3. Effects of cardiac specific IGFIIRα overexpressing DM rats in renal cellular architecture. (A) H and E staining shows changes in renal cellular architecture in Non-transgenic rats (NTG), transgenic (TG), NTG-streptozotocin induced diabetes model (NTGSTZ), TG streptozotocin induced diabetes model (TGSTZ). TG rats show renal tubular damages (arrows) and STZ induced DM in TGSTZ elevates the damages. (B) Glomeruli of TG rats showed a slight hypertrophy and mesangial expansion (Arrow). NTGSTZ groups showed contraction of glomeruli. TGSTZ rats show higher degree of glomeruli infiltration (*) and damages in addition TGSTZ rats show atrophy and degeneration of renal tubules (arrow head). Scale bar represent 100 μm at 40x magnification.