Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17536—17547

IGF IIRα-triggered pathological manifestations in the heart aggravate renal inflammation in STZ-induced type-I diabetes rats


Figure 4. PAS staining to show changes in the tubular structures. PAS staining show differences between Non-transgenic rats (NTG), transgenic (TG), NTG-streptozotocin induced diabetes model (NTGSTZ), TG streptozotocin induced diabetes model (TGSTZ). STZ challenge triggered vacuolization (arrow) and degeneration of renal tubular epithelium NTGSTZ. TG rats that generally showed tubular dilation (arrow head) also showed higher levels of STZ induced vacuolization and degeneration. Scale bar represent 100 μm at 40 x magnification.