Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 16957—16973

The dual distinct role of telomerase in repression of senescence and myofibroblast differentiation


Figure 6. YB-1 directly binds to ACTA2 and CDKN2A promoters. ChIP assays to assess YB-1 binding to ACTA2 (A) or CDKN2A (B) promoter in BJ5ta cells were undertaken using the same primers in 4A and C, respectively. The cell DNA immuneprecipitated by YB-1 antibody was amplified by qPCR. One tenth of the supernatant before immunoprecipitation was used for the DNA input control. Results are expressed as % of input. N = 3 each group. *P < 0.05. **P < 0.01.