Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17690—17706

α-Cyperone (CYP) down-regulates NF-κB and MAPKs signaling, attenuating inflammation and extracellular matrix degradation in chondrocytes, to ameliorate osteoarthritis in mice


Figure 4. Effect of CYP on NF-κb activation induced by IL-1β (10 ng/ml). (A) Molecular docking results of CYP with p65 revealed that CYP was embedded in the binding pockets of proteins. Hydrogen bonds were built between CYP and ASN-155 and ASN-190. Expression levels of p-IκBα and p-p65 in whole chondrocyte extracts, p65 in nucleus and IκBα in cytoplasm were detected by western blot assay (B) and quantified by Image Lab software (D). (C) Nuclear translocation of p65 was detected through immunofluorescence combined with DAPI staining for nuclei (scale bar: 20 μM). Data presented are means ± S.D. ## means p < 0.01 vs. the control group and ** p < 0.01, * p < 0.05 vs. the IL-1β alone group, n=5.