Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20131—20148

Immune normalization strategy against suboptimal health status: safe and efficacious therapy using mixed-natural killer cells


Figure 1. Characterization of NKM cells. (A) Manufacturing process of NKM cells. The whole process must be carried out in a GMP Laboratory Class A ultra-clean workbench. (B) Composition of NKM cells. (C) The main NK cells in NKM cells were CD16brightCD56bright NK cells. The NKM cells from donor-N were analyzed by FACS. The main NKM cells were CD16+CD56+ cells (87.22%), whereas the majority was CD16brightCD56bright NK cells. (DG) NK subpopulations of NKM cells in different culture stages, including primary PBMCs (D), T75 flask (E), T225 flask (F), and NKM product (G). The red circle in primary PBMCs denotes CD16bright NK cells, whereas the red circle in T75 and T225 flasks denote CD16dim NK cells. The blue circle denotes CD56brightCD16bright NK cells.