Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20131—20148

Immune normalization strategy against suboptimal health status: safe and efficacious therapy using mixed-natural killer cells


Figure 4. The potential anti-tumor activity of NKM cells. (A) The schedule of NKM-cell therapy for cancer patients. After physical examination, 20–30 ×108 NKM cells were used for each injection, and six injections were administered in one course of treatment, with a time interval of 2 weeks. (B) A complete response from a DLBCL patient (Pt. #2) undergoing NKM-cell treatment. (C) A complete response from a pancreatic-cancer patient to NKM-cell treatment (six treatments, once every week). The number of metastatic foci in the renal pelvis and peritoneum of the abdominal pelvis was reduced significantly after NKM-cell treatment.