Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17864—17879

A innovative prognostic symbol based on neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs)-related lncRNA signature in non-small-cell lung cancer


Figure 4. Survival data analyses of 12 NETs-related lncRNAs in the training cohort. (AL) Kaplan-Meier survival analysis of 12 nominated lncRNAs. Three NETs-related lncRNAs (AP000695.2, MYOSLID, NKILA) were as independent adverse factors for NSCLC. The other lncRNAs, that represented independent favorable factors, were as follows: AC020765.2, AC090152.1, AF131215.5, AL035587.1, AP004608.1, MMP2.AS1, SCAMP1.AS1, SNHG10, and TRG.AS.