Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17097—17117

Inhibition of heat shock proteins increases autophagosome formation, and reduces the expression of APP, Tau, SOD1 G93A and TDP-43


Figure 2. AR12 and neratinib interact to cause greater activation of PERK and ATG13 and inactivation of mTORC1. HCT116 ATG16L1 T300 cells were treated with vehicle control, neratinib (50 nM), AR12 (2.0 μM) or the drugs in combination for 2h. Cells were fixed in place and immunostaining performed. Data are presented as the percentage staining intensity compared to vehicle control (defined as 100%) (n = 3 +/-SD) * p < 0.05 less than vehicle control value; # p < 0.05 greater than vehicle control value; ** p < 0.05 less than either individual treatment value; ## p < 0.05 greater than either individual treatment value.