Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 14 pp 18006—18017

Implication of integrin α2β1 in senescence of SK-Mel-147 human melanoma cells


Figure 5. Effect of Akt isoform inhibitors on senescence of SK-Mel-147 cells. The cells were transduced with the appropriate vectors as described in Materials and Methods, treated for 24 h at 37° C with 3 μM Akt1-specific inhibitor XXIII or 5μM Akt2-specific inhibitor XII followed by SA-β-Gal staining; magnification: × 200. Shown are the results of three independent experiments (M ± SEM). Vect, scramble shRNA transduced cells; α2 shRNA, α2 shRNA transduced cells;. *, ρ < 0.05; I.S., insignificant. The SA-β-Gal staining data presented in Figure 1D and Figure 5 were obtained in the same series of experiments.