Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 14 pp 18740—18756

MicroRNA-106b-5p inhibits growth and progression of lung adenocarcinoma cells by downregulating IGSF10


Figure 3. Relationship between IGSF10 expression and tumor-infiltration of immune cells in TCGA-LUAD patient dataset. (A) TIMER database analysis shows correlation between expression levels of IGSF10 and immunoscores corresponding to tumor-infiltrating immune cells in TCGA-LUAD patients. (BF) TIMER database analysis shows relationship between IGSF10 expression levels and proportions of tumor-infiltrating immune cell types including (B) B cells; (C) CD4+ T cells; (D) CD8+ T cells; (E) Neutrophils; (F) Macrophages; and (G) Dendritic cells.