Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 14 pp 18879—18893

Myeloid DJ-1 deficiency protects acetaminophen-induced acute liver injury through decreasing inflammatory response


Figure 4. Hepatic DJ-1 deficiency has no protective effect on APAP-induced liver injury. Fasted DJ-1fl/fl and Alb-DJ-1−/− mice were intraperitoneal injected with a single dose of 300mg/kg of APAP. (A) Serum levels of ALT and AST 24h after APAP treatment (n = 4–6). (B) Representative images of hepatic HE staining of DJ-1fl/fl and Alb-DJ-1−/− mice 24 h after APAP challenge (origin magnification ×200). (C) Serum levels of TNF-α and IL-6 24 h after APAP treatment (n = 4–6). (D) Immunohistochemistry of hepatic F4/80 and MPO with APAP treatment. Representative images are shown (origin magnification ×200) (n = 4–6). Data are shown as means ± SD.