Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 14 pp 19048—19063

Combined treatment with C16 peptide and angiopoietin-1 confers neuroprotection and reduces inflammation in 3-nitropropionic acid-induced dystonia mice


Figure 3. ELISA analysis of inflammatory cytokines (A) IL-6 and (B) ROS, as well as the inhibitory neurotransmitter. (A, B) The 3-NP+C16+Ang-1 group showed decreased IL-6 and ROS levels, suggesting that C16+Ang-1 could prevent 3-NP-induced inflammation. (C) GABA levels in serum samples of the control, 3-NP, and 3-NP+C16+Ang-1 groups. Suppression of inflammatory factors and increased GABA level could protect neurons that have been damaged by oxidative stress and excitatory toxin. aP < 0.05 versus control; bP < 0.05 versus 3-NP-treated mice.