Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19587—19597

LncRNA AC136007.2 alleviates cerebral ischemic-reperfusion injury by suppressing autophagy


Figure 1. Overexpression of AC136007.2 decreases OGD/R-induced cell death in SH-SY5Y cells. (A) Relative AC136007.2 expression level was evaluated by RT-qPCR in SH-SY5Y cells incubated in normoxic (control) conditions and after OGD/R treatment. (B) RT-qPCR analysis of AC136007.2 expression after transfection with lenti-AC136007.2 or its negative control. (C) Cell viability was determined by the CCK-8 assay. (D) Cell proliferation was determined by EdU assay. The rate of Edu-positive cells (histogram on the right side) was calculated from three random fields of view, with total cell numbers determined by DAPI staining. (E) LDH-based cytotoxicity analysis. **p<0.01 versus control group; ## p<0.01 versus OGD/R group; n = 3.