Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19108—19126

Features of age-related response to sleep deprivation: in vivo experimental studies


Figure 9. A typical example of recordings the oxygen consumption rate by brain mitochondria. Respiratory chain components were added sequentially to the incubation medium containing mitochondrial suspension: (1) oxygen consumption rate in the presence of a high concentration of complex I substrates: 5 mM glutamate and 5 mM malate (electron transfer from NADH hydrogen atoms to respiratory chain enzymes); (2) stimulation of the oxidative phosphorylation of the mitochondrial respiratory chain by 5 mM ADP (the oxidation process of reduced NADH equivalents by the respiratory chain enzymes followed by the ATP synthesis); (3) inhibition of the complex I work with 0.5 μM rotenone solution (electron transfer blockade in complex I from the iron-sulphur cluster to the oxidized ubichinon); (4) succinate-dependent pathway of substrate oxidation (application of complex II substrate (succinate)).