Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20192—20217

Hsa-circ-0007292 promotes the osteogenic differentiation of posterior longitudinal ligament cells via regulating SATB2 by sponging miR-508-3p


Figure 1. Differentially expressed circRNA profiles in OPLL. (A) Of all the 146 identified circRNAs, 28 of them were confirmed as novel circRNAs; 118 of them were previously reported in the database of circBase. (B) The 146 dysregulated circRNAs were classified into four different groups based on their origins. (C) The heatmap shows the top 15 upregulated and top 10 downregulated circRNAs between three OPLL and three non-OPLL tissue samples. (D, E) The expression of top 10 upregulated and top 4 downregulated circRNAs was measured by qRT-PCR (n=10). Data are expressed as the mean ± SD. ***p < 0.001; **p < 0.01.