Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19127—19144

The life in a gradient: calcium, the lncRNA SPRR2C and mir542/mir196a meet in the epidermis to regulate the aging process


Figure 3. miRNA expression levels during aging. RT-PCR analysis of miRNAs specifically targeting SPRR2C. The ΔΔCt values for hsa-mir542-5p, hsa-mir125a-5p, hsa-mir135a-5p, hsa-mir196a-5p, hsa-mir491-5p and hsa-mir552-5p are presented. All values are normalized to young foreskin (age range: 2.5-8 years). Black columns: middle aged foreskin samples (age range: 24-39 years); grey columns: old foreskin samples (age range: 60 to 76 years). (N=5 in each group; *: p<0.1; **: p< 0.05; ***: p<0.01).