Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19127—19144

The life in a gradient: calcium, the lncRNA SPRR2C and mir542/mir196a meet in the epidermis to regulate the aging process


Figure 4. The binding of mir542-5p to its target SPRR2C. A dual luciferase assay was performed by sequentially measuring firefly and renilla luciferase. A immortalized keratinocyte cell line was transfected with 350 ng psiCHECK2-SPRR2C (281-486) and either 125 nM MISSION miRNA MIMIC hsa-mir542 or MISSION miRNA MIMIC Negative Control #1. Black bars indicate a co-transfection with mir-542-5p, grey bars a co-transfection with the control miRNA. All data are normalized to the firefly luciferase activity (N=4). An independent t-test analysis indicated a significant difference.