Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19127—19144

The life in a gradient: calcium, the lncRNA SPRR2C and mir542/mir196a meet in the epidermis to regulate the aging process


Figure 8. The interplay between the lncRNA SPRR2c and several miRNAs. (A) represents the situation in young and healthy skin. (D) is representative for aged skin. (B, C) are hypothetical situations with either the absence of miRNA (B) or SPRR2C (C). Green triangle: epidermal calcium gradient; green box: evenly distributed calcium after the collapse of the epidermal calcium gradient (e.g. during skin aging). Red circle: Cell cycle. Size indicates the cell proliferation rate (the bigger the faster). Brown box: cornified envelope (the intensity is correlated with the amounts of proteins in the CE). miRNAs: blue; lncRNA: yellow.