Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 17 pp 21191—21201

LncRNA PITPNA-AS1 promotes gastric cancer by increasing SOX4 expression via inhibition of miR-92a-3p


Figure 4. MiR-92a-3p regulates SOX4 expression in pancreatic carcinoma. (A) Three possible mRNAs regulated by miR-92a-3p were selected and are presented in a Venn diagram. (B, C) The expression levels of three target mRNAs were assessed after overexpression of miR-92a-3p. (D) The binding sites between SOX4 and miR-92a-3p; Luciferase activity of miR-92a-3p mimic with SOX4-WT or SOX4-MUT. (E) SOX4 expression regulation by miR-92a-3p mimic or inhibitor in SGC7901 cells. (F) SOX4 expression in pancreatic carcinoma tissues. Data are presented as mean ± SEM. Statistic significant differences were indicated: * P < 0.05.