Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 19978—19995

TGF-β2 and collagen play pivotal roles in the spheroid formation and anti-aging of human dermal papilla cells


Figure 1. RNA-seq analysis of 3D versus 2D hDPC cultures from previous report [5]. (A) Top 10 significantly enriched terms (p < 0.01) in GO and KEGG pathway for DEGs. The size of the dot indicates the enrichment fold of each term and pathway. Dark-colored dots are related to collagen or ECM. (B) Volcano plot of DEGs (|log2FoldChange| > 2 and adjusted p < 0.01). Red dots represent significantly upregulated ECM-related genes from GO and KEGG pathway analyses with DEGs. (C) Collagen gene expression. Each line represents a transcript differentially regulated among intact papillae (Intact), cells at P3 (2D), and spheroids (3D).