Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 17 pp 21202—21215

UPF1 impacts on mTOR signaling pathway and autophagy in endometrioid endometrial carcinoma


Figure 6. UPF1 influenced tumor growth, mTOR signal pathway and autophagy in vivo. (A, G) Photographs showing tumors that Lentivirus transfected with UPF1 stable expressed Ishikawa cell line (LV-UPF1+) and the control (LV-CON238), and that Lentivirus transfected with interfered UPF1 expressed Ishikawa cell line(LV-UPF1-RNAi), the control (LV-CON077) and wild Type group (WT). (B, H) qRT-PCR detected the relative expression of UPF1 in stable cell line. (C, I) The means tumor weights in nude mice were significant compared with the control group (**P<0.01). (D, J) H&E-stained slides (NIKON,400X) and IHC showed expression of UPF1 in tumors. (E, F, K, L) The mTOR related proteins’ and autophagy related proteins’ expression in tumors.