Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20481—20494

miR-33a-5p inhibits the progression of esophageal cancer through the DKK1-mediated Wnt/β-catenin pathway


Figure 5. miR-33a-5p targeted DKK1-mediated Wnt/β-catenin pathway to affect biological behavior of esophageal cancer cells. (A) Cell proliferation of TE-1, Eca-109 by CCK-8; (B) Number of migration of TE-1 and Eca-109 cells by Transwell; (C) Number of invasion of TE-1 and Eca-109 cells by Transwell; (D) Cell apoptosis rates of TE-1and Eca-109 cells by Flow cytometry and the apoptosis map; (E) Western blot of Cyclin D1, c-jun, CD44, and c-Met protein expression in TE-1 and Eca-109 cells and the protein bands. The inter-group comparison was conducted by the independent sample t-test, multiple time point data were analyzed by repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA), mean ± SD, bP < 0.01, cP < 0.05, and dP < 0.01 for inter-group comparisons.