Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20050—20080

Effects of Siberian fir terpenes extract Abisil on antioxidant activity, autophagy, transcriptome and proteome of human fibroblasts


Figure 12. Differential expression profiles of genes participating mostly affected KEGG pathways according to the RNA-Seq data for MRC5-SV40 cell line treated with Abisil. Each cell demonstrates the sorted expression level log fold changes after Abisil treatment (red – upregulation, blue – downregulation) for genes participating a current KEGG pathway (vertical axis range is from 4-fold downregulation to 4-fold upregulation). Cell borders indicate whether a pathway is enriched with up- (red border) or downregulated (blue border) genes. GSEA min p (up/down-reg) – minimal p-value in a gene set enrichment analyses (GSEA; Fisher’s exact test) for the pathway. Hi vs Low – comparison of cells treated with 50 and 5 μg/ml; Hi vs Cnt – comparison of cells treated with Abisil 50 μg/ml and non-treated cells; Low vs Cnt – comparison of cells treated with Abisil 5 μg/ml and non-treated cells.