Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20684—20697

Construction of an immune-related lncRNA signature as a novel prognosis biomarker for LUAD


Figure 7. Clinical application of the 6-DEirlncRNA pair signature. (AD) High risk score correlated negatively with high HAVCR2 (B) and PD-1 (D) expression, and correlated positively with high CTLA-4 (A) and PD-L1 (C) expression; There was no statistical difference in PD-1 and PD-L1 between different risk groups. (EI) The signature could serve as a promising biomarker of anti-tumor drug sensitivity: low risk scores were associated with higher IC50 for cisplatin (E), paclitaxel (F), gemcitabine (G), erlotinib (H), and gefitinib (I).