Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2210—2220

Circular RNA circ_0001006 aggravates cardiac hypertrophy via miR-214-3p/PAK6 axis


Figure 1. Upregulation of circ_0001006 in TAC induced cardiac hypertrophy. (A) Morphological experiment was performed to visualization the heart size (H&E staining, Sham indicated sham-operated group, TAC indicated transverse aortic constriction operation group). (B) The histogram results of HW/BW ratios in a different group. (C) qRT-PCR assays of cardiac hypertrophy biomarker mRNA level, ANP, BNP, and β-MHC. (D) The expression of circ_0001006 in TAC and Sham mice. (E) The microarray of circRNAs in TAC and Sham mice tissues. (F) qRT-PCR assay analysis of the circ_0001006 expression level in heart tissues. *P < 0.05 and **P < 0.01. All experiments were repeated at least three independent experiments.