Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22134—22147

Rutin inhibited the advanced glycation end products-stimulated inflammatory response and extra-cellular matrix degeneration via targeting TRAF-6 and BCL-2 proteins in mouse model of osteoarthritis


Figure 7. Rutin ameliorates the development of OA in DMM mice. (A) X-ray analysis showing knee of mice under various treatment groups. The OA mice showed narrowing of joint space and calcification of cartilage, however treatment of Rutin improved the joint space and also reduced the cartilage calcification. (B) S-O staining analysis of cartilage tissues in various treatment groups. (C) OARIS scoring of cartilage tissues of various treatment groups. The results are mean ± SD. ##P<0.01 compared to sham group, **P<0.01 compared to DMM induced mice.