Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 17 pp 21729—21742

Cytokine antibody array-based analysis of IL-37 treatment effects in asthma


Figure 3. IL-37 expression and the administration of rhIL-37 in the challenge phase attenuates OVA-induced eosinophilic airway inflammation and airway hyper-reactivity (AHR). (A) Protocol for OVA-induced asthmatic airway inflammation and the time points of rhIL-37 intervention during the sensitization phase. (B) The differential cell counts in BALF (n=10 mice per group). Numbers of cells were counted in ten random 1000X oil lens fields. (C) Airway resistance to methacholine was measured at 24 hours after final OVA challenge by using Flexivent FX-Mouse AN modular and invasion system (n=10 mice per group). (D) Representative photomicrographs of lung sections stained with H&E. original magnification, 10x, 20x, 40x. Columns and error bars represented mean±SEM. n=10 per group. *p< 0.05, **p< 0.01, ***p<0.01. Similar results were obtained from three to five independent experiments.