Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22208—22231

Involvement of c-Myc in low dose radiation-induced senescence enhanced migration and invasion of unirradiated cancer cells


Figure 1. Effects of conditioned medium (CM) from LDR irradiated cells on the migration rate of unirradiated H1299 cells. (A and B) The wound healing assay in the monolayers using CM irradiated H1299 cells and WI-38 cells, respectively. (C and D) Measurement of the cell migration rates in the monolayers using the Image J software. (E) The 3D cell migration assay for analyzing the migration of H1299 cells that were treated with CM harvested from LDR treated cells. Dot line: 20 μm distance from the bottom line. (F and G) Quantification of the number of unirradiated H1299 cells migrating over 20 μm in collagen-based 3D environment in response to CM collected from irradiated H1299 cells and WI-8 cells, respectively. *p < 0.05. ns: Non-significance.